Underminer Dota 2 – 1 v 1 Challenge @ Blitzone Bandar Utama

Underminer Dota 2 – 1 v 1 Challenge @ Blitzone Bandar Utama

Underminer Dota 2 – 1 v 1 Challenge @ Blitzone Bandar Utama

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Bracket Link: http://challonge.com/bz1v1

1. Fill up the Google Sheet with your personal details. Our crew member will contact you via email and sms to confirm your participation: http://goo.gl/forms/mHjgjPL50j
2. Registration is free. All checked-in players during tournament day will receive at least 4 hours worth of Blitzone login vouchers.

General rules:
1. Tournament date: Saturday, 19 September 2015

2. Tournament Venue :
Blitzone Bandar Utama
Lot 25125, Unit 4,
47800 Leboh Bandar Utama,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

3. Max players: 32 (first come first serve)
4. Schedule (to be updated during event day):
• Registration + Check-in: 10.30 am
• Game Start: 11:00 am
Players are expected to be on time for their scheduled games. A delay of 5 minutes from the player’s part will result in instant disqualification.
5. Rules are subject to change on the behest of the organizers.
6. Tournament format: Single Elimination Best-of-3.

Champion: RM200 + 30 hours of Blitzone vouchers
2nd place: RM100 + 20 hours of Blitzone vouchers
3rd place: RM50 + 16 hours of Blitzone vouchers
4th place: 10 hours of Blitzone vouchers
5th-32nd place: 4 hours of Blitzone vouchers

1. Matches will be played in a Single Elimination bracket.
2. Each player will play a best-of-3 one vs. one mid only mirror match up, meaning that both players will play the same hero and are restricted to play in the middle lane only.
3. The side, Radiant or Dire will be decided with a coin toss and winning player gets to chose sides and then alternate. The heroes of the first two rounds are decided with a draft (refer to drafting rules below) and if a third and final game is needed, Shadow Fiend will be the default hero.
4. The winner is the player who first gets two (2) kills or destroys one (1) towers.

5. Game time is set at maximum 20 minutes. If the time limit has been reached, the winner will be decided based on the order below:
• Lead in Kill Score;
• If the above is tied, Lead in Tower HP damaged;
• If the above is tied, Lead in Creeps killed;
• If the above is tied, Lead in Creeps denied.
• If the above is tied, Coin toss to decide the winner.

To decide what hero is to be played both players pick two heroes, ranking them one and two. If the players pick four different heroes the highest ranked hero of each player will be played. If only one hero is the same, the ones that are not the same are used. Shadow Fiend is not draftable since he is reserved for an eventual game 3.

Special rules

Upgrading Courier;
Bottle Crow

Not allowed
Major creep blocks/reroutes (like Fissure)
Soul Ring

Any violation on the above rules will result in an instant game loss.

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