Pre-SMM Grand National Dota Tournament 2006 Article

Pre-SMM Grand National Dota Tournament 2006 Article

Pre-SMM Grand National Dota Tournament 2006 Article

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The site will be re-posting articles written by Underminer over the years while he was an administrator / referee for Dota tournaments in Malaysia. This is to give the current generation of Dota enthusiast some perspective on how certain tournament format decisions are made in the past and how it has influenced the development of the scene up till today.

The following article refers to the decision to implement certain rules during the during the first SMM Grand Finals in Malaysia back in 2006.

a) A game limit of 1 hour.

b) Implementation of All-Pick mode (instead of the traditional Sentinel vs Scourge since the dawn of competitive Dota in 2004) for the first time ever in Malaysia.

c) A response to the 2005 Kingsurf Dota Team’s decision to stop competing in Dota tournaments back then.


Article was written 8 years ago. No editing has been performed, just make your own conclusions on how tournaments has evolved over the years.

Below is the full transcript of the article.

Depends on how each teams sees it, in American forums , there is a general consensus that Scourge has a slight advantage over Sentinel based on the winning rate on teams using scourge in their CAL league.

The only way of playing a fair Senti/Scourge game is to let the players from both sides play till one of the tree/throne is taken down , where players from both sides can plan the game as a whole and the strategies will be more varied and interesting. Depends on game play styles, this may well results in epic games that can last for 2 hours or more every time.

Unfortunately due to the constraint of LAN tourneys in Malaysia which rented the whole Cybercafe or parts of a shopping mall for 2 days to organise large tourneys like SMM and WCG , epic games like this will destroy their planning either financially or timing.

Do your math , do you think SMM earned anything from those tourneys based on teams joined and prize money gave away? I think they are running at a serious loss each time they hold these tourneys. And how about those players who joined? They spent countless amount of money training in cafes , came up with the courage and money to join the tourney , some drove or take a bus across cities and states just to join a tourney which they themselves know may not win it if one of their teammates make a mistake etc. All these parties , organisers and players alike do all this for the love of the game . They sacrificed their time , money , some even respect from their parents and peers to join a tournament with 4 other good friends that they trust because they love the game. Knowing this , the organisers have tried hard to make the rules as fair as possible for all parties.

Since this is the finals of SMM , the organiser can make it look like an elimination round where some teams drove 6 hours to join this tourney may well go home after 1 game which they lost. Not fair is it? So the organisers make it a league type of play to choose the 8 teams that qualify for the elimination. So , a team who losses every match in this finals will have a minimum 3 games to play under these rules. The American rules will make the tourney’s timing go way out of control that may result in teams playing till 2-3 am in the morning. All this will only burden the gamers and the organisers. It is much better if the organisers can control their time better.

It is natural for players leaving Dota due to other commitments like studying abroad and other challenges. Teams like Gaya are once great clans that mesmerizes us with amazing skills in the version 5 era. But their place is rightly taken over by great teams like Enet , SK , Cybertime etc. Emerging teams like OMG from Kuantan may potentially be a strong contender for the traditional strong clans. I just want to point out that teams leaving Dota not purely of the rules but can be of other factors as well.

As for AP mode , a lot people may ask the reasoning behind this. For me , it is the best way to go under Malaysia constraints. It is the only way we can see strategy and skills from players being applied in a fair system that fits into the financial and time constraints of the organiser. Sure no one can argue about its integrity as the most “IMBA” thing i can think off of this rule is the coin toss where the winner gets to choose his side AND the first hero (which most probably be lich in my opinion). Hero variedness is preserved because of the AP draft mode which enables 10 different heroes got chosen (there goes your MM mode). Teams is responsible on thier choices as the heroes they choose could be used to apply their strategies on or counter enemy heroes (there goes AR which practically does nothing in proving team skills and coordination , and based on computer randomness).

As for Kingsurf playing WOW. No offence , but have they been one of the top teams before? I personally saw them play at the ZoneX Version 5 tourney (which I presume thats the peak of their history) and their skills just do not cut it with the best I have seen . Maybe people think they are good as they are the best in Johor .Well , from their Johor SMM qualifier replays, they will have to work damn hard to even get pass the preliminaries in the Grand finals. This is what i personally think based on other states replays . Who knows? they may prove me wrong in the Grand Finals.

WOW really addictive and interesting to play , but as in anything in life, one must work hard to achieve greatness. For those once “pro” players who migrate to WOW it will only mean sadness for the Dota scene but it is their personal choice. I am sure other players will arise and take their place in due time.



6 August 2006.

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