Ohaiyo: We had communication issues with Chinese teammates

Ohaiyo: We had communication issues with Chinese teammates

Ohaiyo: We had communication issues with Chinese teammates

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Shortly after the formation of the EHOME.my team, eSports news portal GosuGamers conducted an in-depth interview with all five players of the newly minted Malaysian squad.

The team, led by  Malaysian legend Mushi (Chai Yee Fung) and sponsored by the world renowned Chinese eSports brand EHOME, gave several interesting tidbits and insights into how the team was forged.

Among others, the team’s off-lane player Ohaiyo (Chong Xin Khoo) noted that communication issues with his three Chinese teammates in the original EHOME squad had created barriers that impeded their performance.

Ohaiyo: We had some communication issues in China. Although Mushi and I can speak Chinese fluently, the accent is different and at the end of the day, it is still more comfortable to talk among Malaysians. Besides that, we also have a different way of perceiving the game and with our Chinese teammates. Our styles are different too. Therefore, we decided to return to Malaysia.

In the same interview, Mushi also brushed off claims that he had intentionally “destroyed” teams for the sake of his own personal interest, stressing that the formation of EHOME.my will be beneficial to Malaysian eSports in the future.

EHOME’s decision to invest in the South East Asian scene is a blessing, especially when the scene is going through tough times. As for my fans, my true fans will always support me no matter where I go. Kecik will also receive even more exposure in EHOME and also a stable salary. I think it is a good move for his future. Considering that we are playing under EHOME and it is a Chinese brand, I will try my best to build up the team so that the Chinese fans will be proud of us.

To buttress his argument, Mushi said his fellow teammates Ohaiyo and KyXy (Lee Kang Yang) would have never opted to be in the same team if they felt he was a “selfish” player who had no regards for others.

I believe that I am a very strict and bad tempered player. If I am selfish, Ohaiyo and Kyxy will not want to team with me again. I think that roster changes are normal to form the best team and every competitive teams will have to go through it one way or another. If the departure of a single player can destroy a team, I wouldn’t say the bond of the remaining four players are that strong. Take a look at our Chinese friends for example, you rarely see them disband because one of their players leave. They stay together to find a replacement for the departed player.

Source: GosuGamers

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