Hyhy: Dota is a way of life

Hyhy: Dota is a way of life

Hyhy: Dota is a way of life

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KUALA LUMPUR: Singaporean Dota 2 veteran Hyhy (Benedict Lim Han Yong) has revealed that he turned down an offer to join Chinese titans Newbee prior to The International 4 due to National Service.

Hyhy expressed regret over his decision, as Newbee went on to win this year’s International 4 tournament, winning more than US$10 million.

When asked on Reddit what his biggest regret as a Dota 2 player, Hyhy replied:

Not being able to play competitively in China. Having to reject xiao8’s team invite to form Newbee before ti4 was one of the most painful decisions ive had to make. NS sucks.

Hyhy was answering a series of questions from fans on Reddit last week on an AMA — or Ask Me Anything — session.

The Dota legend also said he would most likely make a comeback to the scene as a player, and not as a coach.

There’s been a few offers actually, but I believe it is only in china where they take team coaching seriously enough. That said, if I were to go to China, I’ll probably be playing instead of coaching anyways.

Hyhy also said he wanted to focus on streaming for now, until an opportunity to play competitively arose. He said should an opportunity arise, he would choose to play any role the team needed.

He added that he would rather play the support role than the offlane role as “tend to feed recklessly against 3 (heroes).”

Hyhy, who was the captain of the now-defunct Dota team Zenith, said it was unlikely that the team would return as several key players including xy and iceiceice were not available or in another team.

Currently serving a two-year mandatory term in Singapore’s National Service program, Hyhy said he would only be playing in Singapore at the moment until his tour of duty ends in one year.

He also said he would venture into the competitive circuit once again, but not in the South-east Asian region.

Finally, on how Dota influenced his life, Hyhy said:

It’s a way of life, meeting the different people over the years and the enriching experiences that came with it. It’s gonna be tough explaining, but to me it was a valuable privilege. It’s always an uphill battle convincing parents or seniors on a pathway that set asides the typical studies and career, it took me years of dedication and success in gaming before I had my way with this. Or perhaps they just gave up. :P”

His full AMA thread can be found and read here.

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