G Guard E-sports finalizes roster

G Guard E-sports finalizes roster

G Guard E-sports finalizes roster

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After several weeks of inconsistent results, Malaysian Dota 2 team G Guard has replaced two of their players with veteran Ling and upcoming star Ben.

Ling was previously playing for G Guard as a support player, while Ben was well known for playing the carry role in the now-defunct Natit Gaming.

The two players who were booted, Ice and Syeonix are no strangers to the competitive scene. Ice is a veteran who shot to stardom in 2006 during his time in team Kingsurf, but he tired in subsequent years before making a comeback.

Syeonix, meanwhile, is a promising player who played for several semi-professional teams including Genysis and most recently Assail.

However, lackluster performances in the past few weeks forced the team and management to swap out the two players in favour of Ling and Ben. According to a statement by the management, it is hoped the roster change would turn the team’s fortunes around.

After a string of inconsistent performances in last few weeks, the team has decided that several adjustments have to be made in order to progress further as a cohesive unit.

Bearing this in mind, the G Guard management and its players have decided to release Ice and Syeonix from the current squad.

We would like to thank them for their continuous hard work and determination and we wish them the very best of luck in their future endeavors.

Replacing them will be Ling and Ben, who have shown time and time again that victories can only come with good team chemistry and an undying thirst for wins.

We wish this new and improved lineup the very best in current and future tournaments!

Speaking to UDMN Gaming recently, a source close to G Guard said the team was not playing in a training house, but separately in their respective houses. The source said this was because the players lived in different states and were unwilling stay together in the training house.

Thea team’s veterans Yamateh and WinteR were believed to have said that communication would not be a key issue, and that voice communication would be sufficient.

G Guard Roster:
– YamateH
– WinteR
– Net
– ling
– Ben

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